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Welcome to Petra infrastructure and hospitality -- a company that is truly innovative @ work.

Petra I & H’s business philosophy is deeply rooted in the company’s unshakeable belief in charting new horizons with a singularity of purpose and breadth of vision. Continuous innovation lies at the heart of the company’s core values, and this enables Petra I & H to constantly invent and implement across the board -- in conceptualization, implementation and support.

It is this belief system that has driven Petra I & H, over the years, to diversify and grow in new domains and segments of the real estate business such as integrated  townships, and retirement villages in prime locations across the country. Service that incorporates innovation and complete transparency has always been the hallmark of the company’s business ethics.

The company’s clear-cut vision, its professionalism and expertise, and its unswerving faith in excellence form the bedrock of its solid foundations while it continues to aim for and scale new heights. Today, Petra I & H is poised to become a formidable force in the Indian real estate business with a very jaunt turnover.

Vision & Mission
We aim to report projects of integrated township in tier II and tier III cities of the country. In the process, we will bring the quality of life, currently being enjoyed by a minority, to the majority of people while generating value for the consumer, community and company through continuous innovations -- in men, methods and management.
Our mission is to create residential and commercial real estate developments of international standards which will lie within the reach of the common person.

We will strive to achieve excellence in the world of real estate, aimed at transforming the quality of life of our fellow citizens.