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  1. Electronics/Navigation Equipments & Spares
    Product Range : Radars,  X/S-Bands, ARPAs/Non-ARPs, Gyrocompass, Repeaters, Autopilots, Course Recorders, Net Recorders, Echo/Video Sounders, GPS, Navtex, Facsimile Receivers, GMDSS Equipments, Spares Antennas, Antenna Tuners, Cables Power Supplies, Battery Chargers, Sextants, Chronometers, Barometers, Anemometers, Bridge Meters, AIS, SSAS, VDR, Ship’s Whistles etc...

    Makes and models : Anschutz, Alden, C-Plath, Cetrek, Decca, Debeg, Eev, Furuno, Hokushin, Icom, Ics, Jrc, Lokata, Koden, Kelvin Hughes, Litton, Magnavox, Racal Decca, Raytheon, Shipmate, Stn-Atlas, Skipper, Simrad,  Sperry, Sailor, Skanti, Thrane & Thrane, Tokimec, Etc.. .

  2. Oil Purifiers
    We maintain a good stock of Oil Purifiers and undertake supply of separators after complete servicing / painting etc., as desired by the client. All these purifiers are thoroughly checked & ready to use

    Makes &  Models : Alfalaval, Westfalia, De lava, Krakow, Mitsubishi, Sharples etc.

  3. Compressors
    We have a wide range of Air and Chilling(Refrigeration) Compressors which are all in perfect working condition. We can supply Complete Compressor with motors as well as just the Bare compressors. Also we undertake complete sandblasting, repainting of these compressors if required by our clients. All these compressors are thoroughly checked before shipments. We supply these equipment direct to the dealers, end users, shipping lines & also to the reconditioners. The following are the Air & Chilling Compressors which are available with us throughout the year.

    Make & Models : Tanabe, Hatlapa, Hamworthy, Yanmar, Sperre, Carrier,Daikin, Polish,Tekioku, Stall, Bitzer, Norberry, Atlas-Copco, Sabroe, Balcke, Reavell etc.      

  4. Marine DG Sets/Spares
    We have a large stock of Marine Diesel Generating sets & its spares. All these sets are thoroughly inspected by our technical personnel as and when the vessels arrives at the ship breaking yards & only running condition units are then added to our inventory.
    All major/Minor spares are available of all types of sets which are therein our stock. Also Brand new spares and Recon are available which are procured from the stores of the vessels. We can also dismantle the sets & supply just the Bare alternators or any engine parts, depending on the requirement of our valuable clients.

    Make & Models : MAN, Ruston, Deutz, Caterpillar, SKL, Sulzer, Daihatsu, Yanmar, MWM, Paxman, Allen, Nigata, Stork, Fiat, Bergen, Wartsila, Mitsubishi, B&W, Crepelle, General Motors, EMD, Mirlees, Skoda,MTU, Nohab Polar, Detroit etc.

  5. Marine Engines
    We maintain a large inventory of Main / Auxiliary engines & spares of 2 stroke & 4 stroke engines. We have our own team of skilled technical workers for dismantling the engines. Our Main engine spares list is updated every week as we have regular shipments throughout the world. These engines & spares are first inspected & then added to our inventory. The running wear of these spare parts are in tolerance with the re-usable standards.

    We also have Brand new and Recon marine spares procured from the stores of the scrapped vessels. We specialise in supplying engines in one piece to our clients who wish not to dismantle these engines due to their vulnerability for damage & misplacement & can directly be used in their required applications. On the other hand we also dismantle these engines part wise & supply these parts as per the requirements of our clients. The following are the Brands of Main/Auxiliary engines we deal in:

    Main Engines :
    MAN, Pielstick, Sulzer, Doxford, Fiat,B&W, Gotaverken, Mitsubishi, Wartsila etc.

    Auxiliary Engines :
    Yanmar, SKL, Nigata, Ruston, Paxman, Deutz, Daihatsu, MAK, Stork, Bergen,Allen, Caterpilar, MTU, Detroit, Nohab Polar, etc.
    We have in advance information of the engines & other equipments of the vessels which are scheduled to beach at the breaking yards. So in this way we are able to book the equipments well in advance after consulting with our clients.

  6. Anchor/Anchor Chains
    We maintain a very large stock of Marine Anchors & Anchors chains which are in reusable condition. We clean, paint & polish these anchors before shipment & all our anchors are non-frozen & without any bend flukes & shanks. We have a wide range of these anchors ranging between 1500 kgs to 17000 kgs & almost all types are available.

    Make & Models : Union, Baldt, Spek Pool (N), Byer, Hall, Snug, AC14, etc.,

    Most of anchors are spare anchors which are procured from the deck of the vessels at the breaking yards. All anchors supplied from our yard are in ready to use condition & can be supplied to any calling port of your vessels. We have anchor chains of U2 & U3 grade stud links ranging between 28 mm up to 105 mm. These anchor chains can be supplied with certificates procured from the scrapped vessel where these chains are bought.

    We can supply these anchor & anchor chains on kg basis depending upon the requirement of the client.

  7. Turbo Chargers/Spares
    We do regular supplies of Turbochargers and spares to Worldwide reconditioners, dealers & end users. Due to our quality at reasonable rates we are able to maintain a big clientage of these Turbochargers & its spares. All the turbochargers are taken off from the running engines, when engines are dismantled for spares part purpose, so all our turbochargers are precured in running condition. But still these are thoroughly inspected before shipment.

    We also undertake complete cleaning, servicing & painting of these turbochargers if required by the clients. All major/minor parts are available used, Recon & new. Our major stock consist of ABB Make turbochargers, but other makes are also available like Sulzer, Napier, MAN,B&W, Mitsubishi etc. Beside complete turbochargers, we also source good quality used/unused parts like tin sealed turbocharger bearing sets, impellers, rotors, casings, inducers, oil pumps etc.

  8. Other Ship Equipment
    We will provide you all marine equipments as per your requirement. Some of other equipment is like bellow.

    Marine Pumps
    Life Boats and Life Rafts
    Hydraulic Motors and Pumps
    Boll & Kirch oil filters
    Fresh water gen-set

  9. Collectibles
    We stock marine collectibles for our valued customers interested in decorating interior with antiques- Brass Bells, Nautical Lights, Interior Lights, Ship’s Lights, Telescopes, Nautical Art, Ship’s Clocks, Tide Colcks, Weather Stations, Gauges, Diving Accessories, Deck Gears, Control Stands, Steering Wheels, Telegraphs, Ship-Logs, Sextants, Repeaters, Boat Compass, Pylorus Anemometers, Barometers, Barographs, Clinometers, Chronometers, Oil lamps, Electric Lamps, Table Lamps, Clocks, Fog Horns, Etc...