First Option

We have the global presence and experience necessary to help you capitalize on opportunities in developed and emerging markets with over 500 trained professionals in a worldwide network of over 15 locations across six continents and having satisfied clients in many locations around the world

At Petra India Group , we are driven by shared standards of excellence, guided by the same integrity, and motivated by a common ambition to improve lives.Our specialized teams provide coordination and direct, expert support to the field, strengthening our impact on the global stage.

Second Option

We are present in all regions where our customers are active, so that we can respond as effectively as possible to their needs. Our wide geographical coverage (EMEA, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific, Gulf & GCC Countries) enables us to identify and respond swiftly to new trends and opportunities.

(World map with the pin on countries where we exported our goods) always make it a priority to develop good relations with local business partners. Moreover, our plants are run almost 100% by local personnel, wherever we are present in the world.