The path towards sustainability starts at home and incorporating sustainability with the building materials is an efficient way to be sure that our homes are not subjected to wastage of energy. Insulation is one of the most productive ways to control energy consumption at home. Energy-saving is a must in today’s environment because of the fluctuation in climatic change. Residential buildings are proving to be dominating the insulation market because with the changing climate, it has become imperative to adopt insulation methods. PETRA BUILDCARE provides several energy-saving solutions for commercial as well as residential constructions. Insulation works by maintaining and controlling the temperature inside the homes in every season throughout the year. But the question which arises is that how the insulation works? Heat flows from a warmer area to a cooler area which means that in the season of winters the heat will flow from the heating appliances to outside leaving the house cold and vice versa. The appliances also have to conduct more heat because of this and electricity bills increase as a result. But with the help of proper insulation in a house, these problems can be tackled very easily. The method of insulation is also advantageous because it helps in making the home a comfortable space and also has noise reduction and energy-saving capabilities. There are many ways to insulate a house, the first steps include insulating walls, roofs, doors, windows and floors. Insulating walls are most important because in any conventional house they are responsible for 30-40 percent heat losses. PETRA BUILDCARE has introduced several insulative building materials.

We possess special thermal insulation solutions- ThermoShield and ThermoPlast. These solutions are the future of new homes and insulation are made possible with the help of thermal insulation wall putty and thermoplast wall mortar. Our thermal insulation wall putty ensures that thermal conduction is decreased in winters and thermal radiation is reflected in summers, this allows heat to stay indoors rather than being absorbed by low body temperatures and vice versa. These are uniquely developed products with the help of our Hollow NanoSphere Technology and are proving to be revolutionary in the building world. We provide cost-efficient, durable and good-quality insulative building materials at wholesale with the aim of making your home a comfortable and safe place.


The rapid increase in urbanisation has led to an increase in the construction of residential places and other buildings as well. Thus, there is also an increase in the building materials in the market as well but in the midst of every product claiming to be best, it is hard to actually pick one. The conventional building materials may have some new elements but there are hardly any which provide insulative building materials. PETRA BUILDCARE is always striving towards sustainability and are working for our customers. We have our insulative technology to not just make the planet an eco-friendly one but also make living easy for our customers. We know what it means to build a home and we care to provide you with the best possible solutions.