In the modern world, there is a great demand for improvements in the energy efficiency of the buildings as they are accountable for significant energy consumption and emission of CO2 in the atmosphere. As the construction industry plays an important role in the development of society there is a global call for amelioration in the thermal operation of the masonry units. Today, there is a huge demand for the construction of new buildings or refurbishing the existing ones. External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICSs) consist of all the masonry units used in construction. One of the important aspects to keep in mind while constructing commercial and household buildings is its fire-resistant properties. A lot many surveys were conducted on ETICSs to understand the possibility of fire safety, fire spread, and elements that have fire-resistant power.

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When any building catches fire its concrete mixture gets completely dismantle and the steal embedded in the building further acts as a catalyst in the transfer of heat. Hence, the temperature of the building rises to the extreme which results in the complete collapse of the building. The tensile strength of steel gets reduced around 20%-30% once it is exposed to a temperature above 250 degrees Celsius.Looking at the situation, earlier there was a huge demand to install firewalls for active fire protection. The firewalls can automatically detect fire when the warmth rises above the prescribed temperature. However, not only such appliances prove costly but they also do not prove durable due to their truncated lifespan.

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With years of experience and dedicated research in the field of construction, PETRA BUILDCARE came up with a pre-configured fire-resistant cement-based mortar. The pre-bagged mixture is imbibed with Hollow NanoSphere Technology and can be used for building concrete structures and buildings. The ThermoPlast – wall mortar is thermal resistant and provides protection from extreme heat. The mixture consists of ceramic beads which is hydraulically bound and expands when exposed to high temperature. If the building is exposed to extreme temperature (above 700 degrees Celsius) the beads will expand up to twenty times its original size thus forms a protective shield around the wall. The ThermoPlast- wall mortar is specifically designed to provide strength to the wall under unexpected loads. We have taken into consideration additional safety for the structural building. It is important to keep in mind to secure the adhesive strength of the wall mortar so that it remains indifferent from the seasonal changes. If the ThermoPlast – wall mortar is not water-resistant then it might get affected by the outside air. If you are using cementitious surface insulating mortar then it should have a water absorption coefficient to be 0.2 kg/m2 h 0.5 or less. The external insulation should be 1.1 N/mm2 so that it retains the thermal conductivity and prevent moisture permeation into the wall. To suppress the heat penetration into the wall, there should be a coating of 3mm ThermoPlast – wall mortar so that the building remains ineffective from the extreme heat.

Advantage of Fire Protection ThermoPlast - wall Mortar

  • The pre-packed wall mortar mixture is easy to apply
  • No need to form a thick layer around the wall. A thin layer of wall mortar is effective enough to provide heat resistance to the wall.
  • Eco-friendly, approved by FDA thus it does not harm the environment
  • It is a pre-bagged mortar mixture hence there is no need to add extra additives for fire protection.
  • It is already tested according to the international general rules and standards.
  • Cost Performance: No compromise in quality or quantity
  • The wall mortar mixture is durable and long-lasting which reduces the idea of future maintenance.

What to keep in mind while using ThermoPlast - Wall mortar

  • You should not add additional toxic gases to the mixture which could muddle the configuration.
  • The process of application is already prescribed with the mixture. Do not apply more than the advised coating on the wall.
  • Apply the ThermoPlast – wall mortar on an even surface. A patchy, rough, or uneven surface will not provide the desired results.