PETRA BUILDCARE ThermoShield – wall putty is a composition of Cementious Materials and Hollow Nano Particles which is heat resistant and gives complete protection to your house. The concoction is imbibed with pigments of high-quality titanium dioxide which proves an effective element in reducing 80% heat transmission inside the house. PETRA BUILDCARE ThermoShield is an effective skin coat for seasonal changes. The wall coat has a quick dry time along with tensile strength which provides durability to the house. PETRA BUILDCARE is the only company that manufactures ThermoShield – wall putty by using Hollow NanoSphere Technology.

Where You can Apply PETRA BUILDCARE ThermoShield - Wall Putty

You can apply it on any surface of commercial as well as a residential building. ThermoShield – wall putty possesses waterproof and heat resistant properties thus it is a perfect wall coat for concrete, block, Plastered Surfaces of commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

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How to Apply Coat for Best Result

  • Before applying TheromoShield – wall putty, make sure that there is no bend, curve, or irregularity on the surface. If you are applying the coat on an uneven surface, the skin coat will not be able to provide the desired results.
  • Keep in mind to remove all the loose particles, dust, or contamination from the surface. Any foreign element will cause a hindrance to the expected outcome.
  • Make sure to leave the ThermoShield – wall coat for at least 12 hours to dry perfectly. Do not apply any kind of paint before the surface dried properly.
  • Before applying ThermoShield – wall putty, you need to prepare the surface. Remove dust, mud or existing paint by wired brush. Wash the surface by sprinkling water.
  • Stir the PETRA BUILDCARE ThermoShield – skin coat for a smooth consistency paste and then apply it will the use of trowel, scraper or suitable knife. Keep in mind to apply 2 to 3 M.M. DFT in one coat. Let the wall coat dry completely without any visible patches or footprints then apply the second coat in the vertical direction if require more finishing. Generally, two coats are sufficient for the desired results.

Advantages of PETRA BUILDCARE ThermoShield – Wall Putty

  • PETRA BUILDCARE wall polish powder is ready to use and just need to add water as per guideline on packaging.
  • The skin coat has the capacity to bridge a 1.5 mm crack in the wall. It is elastomeric which means it does not lose its properties when comes in contact with external foreign elements.
  • The wall care coat is heat resistant, provides protection from UV rays, bacteria, and any chemical substances.
  • The Wall polish powder maintains the temperature of the house and reduces the utility bills to 35% when applied to both interior and exterior walls.
  • PETRA BUILDCARE Thermo Coat does not contain any NOC (Non Volatile organic compound).

Things to keep in mind

  • You should store PETRA BUILDCARE ThermoShield – wall putty at room temperature (5?C to 40?C) for better results. It should not be used after 12 months from the manufacturing date in case of packed condition and should be utilize within 7 days after opening bag. Keep the bags air tight after partial use of bag.
  • You should not dilute any extra additives or extra elements in the Wall care coat as it already contains necessary components
  • Do not apply a thick coating to the wall. Exceeding 3 M.M. in one go could lead to patches in the wall. If it is raining then do not apply the coat. The wall should be completely dry before applying a Thermal resistant solution.
  • Do not apply the ThermoShield wall coat barehanded. Always wear hand gloves, safety goggles, and shoes while applying the coat to the wall. Seek medical help if the solution is causing irritation to your skin.