Buildings are always an important part of the city. Whether it be an office building for work or a home to stay in, construction stays a consistently important aspect in today’s world. A good construction assures long-lasting shelter to the building. As there is an increase in global warming, heat is one of the major issues kept in mind while constructing the building. However, for Terrain Countries that have lower temperature, the buildings are constructed in such a way that they provide warm temperature to the residents.

Nowadays there is a huge demand of constructing thermal resistance building which regulates the temperature of the building. Although there are many materials available to regulate the heat like fiberglass, Rockwool, flax, phenolic foam, but ThermoShield (thermal insulation wall putty) is considered as best for heat regulation.

ThermoShield Wall Putty is a synthetic white ceramic solution used to coat the wall so as to maintain the inner temperature. It ensures the safe coating of the wall as it is water-resistant and provides UV protection. It further keeps a check on the thermal stresses and insulation of the wall.

How you can save electricity from Insulating Wall Putty?

Heat has a natural tendency to flow from searing places to cold regions thus if your wall is too hot it will automatically increase the consumption of electricity. Your air conditioner or cooler will take a double load to overcome the heat generated by the burning wall. Hence you can add heat-resistant additives to terminate the heat consistency in the building. The best way is to coat the wall with PETRA thermal insulating wall putty. PETRA thermoshield highly efficient in saving the energy. It is nontoxic, flexible and easy to apply. You can maintain a 5-10 degree temperature by just adding this additive to your wall as it has the ability to fill even the hairline cracks in your wall. These are bacteria resistant, easy to afford, and provides long-lasting protection to your wall. The ceramic mixture contains micro sphere which provide a thermally efficient protection to your wall.

How ThermoShield is different from other putty?

  • It is easy to apply and long-lasting
  • It is a ready-to-use putty. You have to only concentrate on the quantity of water that needs to be added.
  • Thermal Insulation Wall Putty contains the Anti-Bacterial Property which protects the wall from degeneration.
  • It maintains the texture and color irrespective of the season.
  • It can be used at any building conventional, precast, blockwork, brickwork, concrete surface, Gypsum boards, and AC sheets.

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How Thermal Insulation Wall Putty Works?

With urbanization and an increase in population, the construction of buildings will always remain high. As construction is highly responsible for damaging the environment, PETRA tried to reduce agro-waste by providing environmentally sustainable materials and products. The composition of thermal insulation wall putty helps it to reduce the heat generated in the house. With Hollow Nano Sphere Technology, Petra has developed first of it’s kind of product with high insulation within thin skin layer coat on wall. With thermal insulation wall putty, you can save the environment as it is sand-free eco-friendly plaster. It also covers a wide area in terms of SQ FEET. Let’s understand this in normal terms if you apply normal putty for 1KG SQ FEET it will cover the area of 15 Sq. Ft. dimensions in one coat but if you use thermal insulation wall putty it will cover 30 Sq. Ft. in one coat. PETRA helps to build a “resource-conserving society” by providing accoutrements for construction.


In order to fulfill the vertical market need, we laid the foundation of PETRA Company in 2001. Since then we are the leading market seller of infrastructure products. Our prime motto is to develop quality equipment that can be used not only for industrial purposes but also for commercial objectives. One of the major successes we have achieved is to enter into the markets of Gujarat producing Cenosphere, Classified Flyash and Fillers. We believe in developing human resources that can work closely with customers’ requirements. We believe in work ethics and business values and strongly adhere to it. We also believe in quality deliverance thus you will never find anything mediocre in PETRA.