The masonry units played an important part in the construction. Choosing the best masonry unit can give strength to the walls. There are several factors to be considered while selecting the best masonry unit. Most people rely on mechanical things to keep the temperature of the house controlled. The cooling appliances not only consume a lot of energy but also destroys the environment of the earth. However, many didn’t know that they can use insulate the wall coat and skin coat to maintain the temperature of the house. Surprised to hear that? Well, every day there is something new discovered to keep pace with the changing world. PETRA BUILDCARE keeping abreast with the technology manufactured ThermoPlast – Insulated wall mortar. The insulated mortar controls the temperature of the house and reduce the consumption of mechanical appliances.

What are mortars? How it is different from the insulative mortar?

Mortars are the binding agents used in construction. It is typically made up of materials such as cement, line, and fine powders (burnt clay, sand, surki, and cinder). There are many ways through which you apply mortar in construction. It depends upon the surface, materials choose (bricks or blocks), and the other construction appliances. There are many types of mortar available in the market such as cement mortar, lime mortar, surki mortar, gauged mortar, and mud mortar.

Insulated Mortar is the unique innovation of PETRA BUILDCARE by combining insulative properties into conventional mortar. These insulative properties will help to regulate the temperature of the house and reduce the consumption of electricity. You must be thinking how? The walls are coated with putty or mortar both inside and outside the house. Normal mortar only levels the surface, fills cracks or gaps, and provide a smooth finish to the wall. Insulated mortar resists the energy flow to the other side on which it is applied to. This is because the insulate mortar is manufactured by using Hollow NanoSphere Technology which resists the energy low. PETRA BUILDCARE Insulated Mortar is a ready mix mortar that can be applied easily. It is eco-friendly and provides complete protection to your house. You don’t need to add any adhesive to the solution as it is already suffixed with the necessary additives.

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Factors to consider while choosing Mortar

  • A good mortar must possess strength as it acts as a binding agent between bricks or stones. If the mortar does not accommodate stability within the bricks, the building will remain in a debilitated state. Nowadays mud mortar is not used in construction because it has poor bonding quality. It quickly loses strength when comes in contact with moisture or water. Thus, the mortar you choose must have strength and durability.
  • An exemplary mortar is resilient, has good workability, is water retentive, and does not cause dry shrinkage of the surface to which it is applied. The quality of mortar is checked by its water suction capacity. If the mortar does not possess a good suction rate and loose strength when comes in contact with water then it is not a good mortar.
  • A strong mortar has the capacity to set quickly on the surface and provide strength among the masonry units. Mostly, lime mortar is considered good in strength as compared to non-lime mortar. Also, the surface and size of bricks matter in choosing a mortar. If the surface is even then A-grade bricks are used with the mortar to provide higher strength. If the surface is not even then B-grade bricks are used with mortar.
  • Before choosing any mortar you must corroborate that it has good water retentivity. As the mortar that possesses good water retentivity does not lose elasticity and remains adjusted on the masonry unit for a long time.
  • Lastly, the mortar must have adequate resistance towards weather changes. It should fill voids, cracks, and uneven surfaces easily and quickly.

Source: Structural Use of Unreinforced Masonry by Dr. Durgesh C. Rai