The construction industry has seen a huge change in recent years. Moving from the conventional plaster to energy-saving solutions, the building sector saw a huge leap in method and appliances. With new advancements and innovations, the idea to decorate walls with preserving energies has emerged. Thus, the idea to save utility bills along with giving a touch of decoration to the walls. With many years of research and experiment, PETRA BUILDCARE innovated unique energy-saving solutions (ThermoShield-wall putty and ThermoPlast- wall mortar) to insulate the walls with thermal energy. A lot of thermal insulating materials are available in the market but not every company uses the best material to manufacture energy-saving solutions. PETRA BUILDCARE Energy saving solutions are a unique mixture of technology and experience. We have incorporated Hollow NanoSphere technology to provide the best energy-saving mixture for your walls.

How Conventional Putty is different from Insulated one?

Conventional Putty PETRA BUILDCARE ThermoShield – wall putty
It is thick and bulky. It gives matt finish to the wall. It is lightweight, organic, and eco-friendly. It gives a shiny appearance to the wall.
It proves costly to the customer as it requires heavy coating to cover complete walls. Multicoating is required to level the surface of the wall. It proves economic to the customers. It covers double the area of conventional putty. For 1 KG in square Feet, Conventional putty will cover 15 sq. ft. whereas ThermoShield will cover 30 sq. ft. Single coating is effective to cover the uneven surface of the wall.
There are no thermal or insulation properties involved in conventional putty. It is imbibed with Hollow NanoSphere technology which makes it thermal resistant.
It does not maintain the temperature of the house. It maintains the temperature of the house by blocking the flow of heat. Thus, you have a cooling effect in summers and a heating effect in winters as it does not allow the energy flow.
It does not contribute to saving your utility bills. It adds to your yearly maintenance as conventional putty loss durability after one point in time. It can reduce your electricity bills by 35% depending upon your coating. If you are applying only to the exteriors it will save your electricity bills by 25%. If you are applying it only to the interiors it will reduce your bills by 20%. If applied on both the surface it can save energy by 30%.
It does not possess any anti-bacterial properties. It does not provide any protection from UV rays proved very harmful in present times. It possesses anti-bacterial properties thus the walls will be guarded against bacteria. It further protects the house from harmful UV radiation.
It can only be used on conventional buildings. Their performance on blocks, gypsum board, and plywood is still questioned. It can be used on any surface. You can apply the coating of PETRA BUILDCARE ThermoShield on concrete walls, brickwork, plywood, Gypsum boards, and concretes.


There are many companies available in the market that provides construction appliances to customers. We don’t follow the rat race instead before making developing any products we research the technology so that we can provide the best to the customers. PETRA BUILDCARE products promote sustainable construction innovations. Our energy-saving solutions are eco-friendly as we believe in preserving nature. You can find revolutionized formulations of the conventional construction in PETRA BUILDCARE. We are the only company in the market that manufactures products using Hollow NanoSphere technology. This technology provides complete sustainability to the environment, economy, and society. Thus, we believe in the overall development rather than making a profit from our products. If ever you find any grievance you can immediately contact our team, they are always ready to help.