With technology taking the advancement in every field, the construction industry is also equipped with unique innovations. Construction is an integral part of daily living. We need buildings for commercial as well as household purposes. Imagine what happens if you can save your utility bills by installing proper thermal insulation solutions in your house. There are many types of insulation available but applying ThermoPlast – wall mortar to your wall could provide supreme protection to the house. Mortar plays a very important role in construction. Few people knew that mortar possesses important qualities such as water retention, mobility, and placeability which acts as a crucial binding agent for bricks and stones.

Instead of conventional wall mortar, PETRA BUILDCARE PRODUCTS have introduced energy-saving ThermoPlast with Hollow NanoSphere technology. PETRA BUILDCARE ThermoPlast is way better in performance than polystyrene insulation, perlite thermal insulation, vermiculite mortar thermal insulation, and other line mortars. ThermoPlast is flexible, lightweight, and eco-friendly. The Insulated wall mortar can be used on roofs, ceilings, and cracked surfaces. It provides overall protection to the house from deterioration, dampness, and cloggy surface. The ThermoPlast – wall putty is thick and won’t break over time. It is easy to install and does not require frequent maintenance like local insulation putty demands. The Hollow NanoSphere technology imbibed in ThermoPlast saves the electricity bills as it provides complete insulation to the house. The ThermoPlast – wall mortar provides complete protection to the house by building a thermal cyclic effect around the walls.

If you are applying ThermoPlast – wall mortar on masonry or heavy walls, it is advised to use it in a 1:6 ratio (1, cement and 6, sand). This ratio will provide strength to the wall and keep the base strong for heavy buildings. If you are applying wall mortar to lightweight surfaces, single-storey construction, or temporary structures, it is advised to use the ration 1:4 (1, cement and 4, sand). For the construction of heavily loaded walls, multi-story buildings, and building pillars, it is advised to use the 1:4 ratio of PETRA BUILDCARE ThermoPlast.

The PETRABUILDCARE Insulated wall mortar is durable, cheap and easy to apply. The local mortar available in the market does not provide durability thus while construction the mortar did not set quickly which ultimately delays the construction process. The ThermoPlast – wall mortar manufactured by PETRA BUILDCARE sets quickly, it does not develop cracks in the wall, insulate your house, helps to reduce electricity bills and also maintains the appearance of the house. PETRA BUILDCARE Thermoplast-wall mortar protects your house from Blisters, unevenness of the surface, peeling, flaking, and cracking.

What's unique in ThermoPlast - Wall Mortar

  • The conventional mortar will only provide regular plaster to the house but ThermoPlast not only furnishes the house but also provides resistance from external effects.
  • It can be used on any surface – parapets, blocks, brick masonry walls, and shear walls.
  • ThermoPlast provides a smooth finish along with protection from seasonal effects.
  • ThermoPlasts – wall mortar is suitable for masonry, plastering, and binding bricks or concrete blocks together.
  • ThermoPlast – wall mortar can reduce your electricity bills by 35%. The insulation property of wall mortar stops the flow of energy which locks the cooling and heating effects in summers and winters. Thus, it reduces the consumption of cooling and heating appliances depending upon the seasons.


A lot of companies are manufacturing specialised construction chemicals for the customers. Choosing the best is still an arduous task. All the companies claim their products to be the best yet they fail to provide satisfaction to the customer. With a team of dedicated workers, PETRA BUILDCARE manufacture cost effective energy saving solutions for the customers. We do not claim to be the best, we claim to provide you the best. We conducted a lot of research and concluded that an average man spends one-third of his salary on utility bills. Thus, we came up with energy-saving solutions (ThermoShield and ThermoPlast) with Hollow NanoSphere Technology which proved effective in saving your pocket. Our energy-saving solutions imbibed with NanoSphere Technology are the first of their kind in the market. The best part is it is economic and in reach of every person who dreams of constructing a house.