Maintaining the demeanour of the house is a laborious task. You need to choose the best construction material to maintain the appearance of the house. However, many did not know that they can save their electricity bills along with choosing the best colours for the wall. PETRA BUILDCARE, a leading brand in the Construction industry, is producing energy-saving solutions with the use of Hollow Nanosphere Technology. ThermoSolutions (ThermoShield and Thermoplast) helps to reduce the flow of heat through walls, ceilings, and roofs. When applied putty/mortar to both interior and the exterior surface of the wall it prevents the energy flow and provides year-long comfort to the house.

PETRA BUILDCARE is the leading manufacturer of ThermoShield for industrial, residential, and commercial purposes. We attribute our high performance and success to Nanosphere Technology which was originally developed by our RD team in 2019. Nanospheres are chemical-resistant and non-combustible microspheres with a thickness of about 1/10 sphere diameter and durability of about 4,000 pounds per square. To the human eye, the Nanospheres looked like a single grain or human hair strand. The Nanospheres used by PETRA BUILDCARE has an 1,800-degree Celsius softening point which helps to create a “mini thermos bottle” like atmosphere in the house to prevent the heat flow. The Thermoplast and ThermoShield manufactured by PETRA BUILDCARE are resistant to high temperatures thus they provide a shield of resistance to heat and chemical decomposition of the walls. When the Hollow Nanospheres are combined with different substances, they act as a catalyst and enhance the thermal resistance of those substances. If Energy-saving solutions are applied into the interiors of the wall it prevents the flow of heat outwards, if applied to the exteriors to the wall it resists the inward flow of heat thus for complete production it is advised to use ThermoShield and ThermoPlast both inwards and outwards of the house.

The ThermoShield – wall putty and ThermoPlast – wall mortar produced by PETRA BUILDCARE look like fine talcum powder. They are ready-to-use premix, which can be applied by adding a stated quantity of water on all kinds of surfaces. The fine quality of Nanosphere solutions allows it to smoothly roll down on the walls. The solution also prevents the house from Ultraviolet rays, dampness, clogs, and insects.

We believe in researching the market with the latest technology before manufacturing products thus we follow Kennedy Space Center for the latest developments in energy and environmental studies. We have professionals who dedicate their time to researching new technologies for preventing heat and corrosion in coating systems. The discovery of heat-resistant Thermo solutions was developed by Abruzzese who was the president of Kennedy Space Research Center. He researched the properties of insulation used in Space Shuttles and tried to imbibe it in ceramic tiles to reduce the thermal transfer on the roof and surfaces of the house. The idea of combining insulating properties to ceramic solutions intrigued our RD team to search for the right combination to infuse technology with existing resources. Our research team from PETRA BUILDCARE rigorously follow the scientific advancement of Abruzzese’s analysis and came up with the first of its kind of product in the construction industry. We are the only manufacturer of ThermoShield – wall putty and Thermoplast – wall mortar by infusing Hollow Nanosphere technology which provides complete protection to the house.

We are rigorous followers of NASA and the Kennedy Space Center. We infuse Space Shuttle technology in daily living to provide better quality to our customers. You can apply PETRA BUILDCARE ThermoShield – wall putty and Thermoplast – wall mortar on any kind of surface and use it for household, industrial or commercial purposes. The coating is very effective in resisting heat thus reduces the load of cooling appliances and heating appliances in the house. Also, the ThermoShield provide a waterproof surface which provides a safeguard to electronic appliances. Hence, the PETRA BUIDCARE ThermoShield are very efficient in protecting your house and reducing your utility bills.