Building a house is still a dream for many people. To construct a well-built house, one needs good construction material. The whole world has become a marketplace for competition and choosing the best is a strenuous task. As innovation is necessary for discovering new opportunities, exploring new techniques should be considered while constructing any building. In the modern world, the way of construction has changed thoroughly. With the infusion of Insulating properties in construction materials, PETRA BUILDCARE has made the life of people more comfortable. We are the leading manufacturer of ThermoShield and ThermoPlast using ‘Hollow Nano Spheres’. Our thermal insulation putty and mortar are eco-friendly and can reduce the utility bills of customers by around 30%. PETRA BUILDCARE is the only company in the market that uses ‘Hollow Nano Spheres’ in construction materials to provide heat-resistance surfaces.

Why Thermal Insulation Wall Putty?

Energy-saving has become one of the important issues to discuss in the 21st century. Today, all the developed and developing countries attempt to converse energy to protect the environment. PETRA BUILDCARE has introduced the use of ThermoShield for construction of houses. It helps to save energy, regulates the temperature, and protects the environment. The temperature of the house contributes to 80% of the electricity bill consumption. Thermo Insulation coat is a new technique to regulate the temperature of your house. In summers, to keep the wall cool we use cooling appliances. However, it indirectly contributes to exceeding our monthly budget. Thus, PETRA BUILDCARE have come up with ThermoShields which not only protects your house from any exterior damage (dampness, peeling, moulds, and patches) but also reduces the cost consumption of electricity. The good thing is our ThermoShields are useful in both summers and winters. During winters it keeps the house warm and during summers it provides the cooling effect.

Properties of Wall Putty

One of the essential ingredients for construction is putty.Insulation Putty is used for decoration, layering on the wall, fill cracks level the surface of the wall. Most people understand white putty as cement but it is nowhere similar.

The purpose of white cement is to give a shiny look or matt finish to the wall. So the main purpose of white cement is to provide an appealing appearance to the onlooker while the putty is used to repair the surface for cracks, dents, and any other imperfections. You must have seen efflorescence on the wall mostly in the rainy season. As both cement and sand contain salt thus when it comes in contact with any moisture it produces a salt-like substance on the wall which looks ugly. Heat Insulative Putty will repair all kinds of dampness, deterioration, and faults in the wall. “Life will become easy with PETRA WALL CARE PUTTY. One Solution, One Coat, Year Long Saving and Comfort.”

PETRA BUILDCARE ThermoShield is UV resistant, durable, and water-resistant wall putty. It protects the wall from any kind of damage as it is more durable. Further, there would be no cracks, shrinking or dampness visible during extreme temperatures.


ThermoShield acts as a barrier to the flow of heat and due to this, it provides a cooling effect in summer and heating effect during winters. A well-built house along with proper ThermoShield protection will keep the temperature maintained throughout the year. It also helps to maintain the environment by reducing greenhouse emissions.

It is always recommended to stow the entire house with ThermoShield as it strengthens the house and saves energy. If you apply ThermoShield to the ceiling it reduces the energy flow from 25%-30%. As the weather changes, the normal cement causes cracks, roof leakage, crumbling masonry, rafters, and floor joists. Thus, thermal insulation wall putty provides a solution to all kinds of seasonal problems in the house. Most people think that apply wall putty on the wall is sufficient to avoid heat flow but they are not aware that if the house is not properly insulated it provides a heating effect to the house. Windows and walls contribute 10%-25% to the heat flow in the house. Hence, it is important to coat the house with ThermoShield. The good thing is PETRA BUILDCARE provides economic thermal insulation products to the consumers.


PETRA BUILD CARE developed products based on the Hollow Nanosphere technology. We provide a one-stop solution to problems such as heat, cracks on the wall, peeling off the wall, and Dampness. By producing budget-oriented products, we are the major contributor to energy saving in the country. We use ‘Hollow Nano Sphere’ which is heat resistant and prevents heat bridges. Our products are eco-friendly and ensure no greenhouse emissions. The good part is we provide our products at an economic price so that any individual can afford them easily.