Today, the internet is the biggest market for buying and selling. As the construction industry is flourishing on the internet so is the grievances about fake products being sold to the customers. The craze to imbibe construction products with new technology (energy saving solutions) can be seen everywhere. However, not every product that exists on the internet is legitimate. Sometimes the product is a true copy of the real brands but does not stand in the quality.

Recently, PETRA BUILDCAE introduced energy-saving products with NanoSphere technology to help customers with their daily day-to-day living. Thermal Solutions are one of the most demanded products of the construction industry as they are long-lasting, affordable, and require low maintenance. However, whenever you are going to purchase Thermal Solutions you should keep certain parameters in mind so that you would not get duped with the fake product.

What PETRA BUILDCARE gives us What Brand XYZ gives you
• Genuine Insulating Products at an affordable price to provide comfort to the customer. • First Copy products with a high range and limited insulating properties.
• FDA-approved eco-friendly products. • Ceramic products with off-white or grey surfacing.
• Years of dedication and experience in the Hollow NanoSphere technology. We combine the latest scientific advancement with our previous experiences to provide the best products. • Low-priced decompile glass fillers, compromised quality products.
• Professionals with well-researched knowledge about the usage of types of equipment in the construction industry. To keep ourselves updated with the latest information we have associated our professionals with the society for advanced material process engineering, Green Building Council. • Inexperienced workers with limited knowledge about the latest technology and products. Antique ideas imbibed with old technology. No association with the knowledge industry thus the products are outdated.
• Our products are recognized on the International level. Our product is unique and has not discovered earlier before. We are the only manufacturer of ThermoSheild by infusing Hollow NanoSphere Technology in it. • The products are not recognized. No proof of being selected by the major companies and industries. Self-claimed testimonials about the performance.
• PETRA BUILDCARE: We are the market leaders in the construction industry with the highest number of satisfied customers. • Questionable performance with unsatisfied customers. Well, facsimile products can never be compared with the original ones.

We are the leading manufacturer of ThermoPlast Mortar. Its unique properties make it heat-resistant and easy to use on concrete surfaces. It is very efficient in reducing the transfer of heat from both interior and exterior surfaces.

Instead of using the conventional plaster, PETRA BUILDCARE came up with Insulative plaster mortar which can be mixed easily and apply on bricks, cement blocks, and concrete surfaces. ThermoPlast provides resistance to heat, water, and sound.