Homes are not built in a day a great amount of hard work and feelings are attached to the whole process of building a home. A person puts a lot of effort into making their dream home a reality but in the midst of the whole process one usually forgets to pay attention to little details. The use of proper construction materials is very important and use of good quality wall putty plays a very big role in the construction process. The demand of construction and wall plastering materials like mortar, wall care putty, and distemper has increased largely and is predicted to emerge as a major market in future. There is also increase in competition with the increase of the wall putty market and many brands have emerged lately but the most brands have forgotten that there is a need for their products to be eco-friendly as well. Most of them are stuck with the past and lack advance building materials. There is a need to make your dream home an eco-friendly one because of the fluctuation in climatic change and the ecosystem of earth. PETRA BUILDCARE with its energy saving solutions and advance building materials have helped in evolving the wall putty market and is simultaneously contributing towards a better future as well.

The Past and Present

In the past, plaster of paris (POP) was used more than wall care putty but as people are focusing towards sustainability it was replaced. Even though, POP has its own benefits as it is mostly used for making ornamental elements and designs but wall putty is a much more cost-friendly, sustainable, and durable material. The rise in urbanisation, especially in Asian Pacific Region and South America resulted in need of a more durable and powerful material. There are mainly two types of wall putty- acrylic putty and powder-based putty. There is also use of primer and a mixer to prepare the putty. But as the evolution of Putty many new materials have emerged like matt finish wall powder, wall polish powder which have helped to make the quality of wall putty excellent. There are also products with waterproof wall care putty, primers based on white-cement and all are focused on contributing towards providing a shiny surface with no dampness. But most of the newly launched products have failed in the present because of the high fluctuation in the climatic change and global warming. The mere waterproofing technique cannot help when heavy rainfalls results into dampness and tearing of the wall surfaces. There is a demand for a more durable and efficient method in today’s uncertain times.

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The future is at Petra!

However, the future of wall care putty needs to be more sustainable and energy-saving. We at PETRA BUILDCARE have thermal insulation wall putty technology for construction of houses. It helps with the regulation of temperature and with the levels of climate change and greenhouses gases touching skies, there is an urgency of such technology. There are also personal benefits for using thermal insulation wall putty as well, like it reduces one’s electricity bill, keep the house cool in summers. We also use thermal shields to avoid using other appliances to keep the walls of your home cool. Our ThermoShield are very valuable as they keep one’s house cool in summers and warm in winters.

Petra Wall Care Putty vs Others

The question which arises is that what is different about our ThermoShield wall putty and how does it work? The normal wall putty available at the market is thick and matty whereas PETRA BUILDCARE ThermoShield wall putty is light, sustainable and provides a glow texture to your walls. Also, unlike conventional wall putty where multicoating’s are required to even the surfaces of the wall, PETRA BUILDCARE ThermoShield wall putty complete the join in just a single coating with even finish. Our ThermoShield wall putty also thinks about the safety of our customers and of the planet therefore it is thermal resistant, regulates the temperature at your homes, save energy and reduces your electricity bills, doesn’t let any harmful UV radiations penetrate through the walls and lastly it is also anti-bacterial. The future of a healthy, sustainable and beautiful walls is at PETRA BUILDCARE.


The increase in workflow in the construction sphere had degraded the quality of products and have forgotten to choose sustainability over profit. We at PETRA BUILDCARE strive for excellence to provide our customers eco-friendly, durable, cost-efficient and quality products by maintaining our goals to make construction an ecological process. We use Hollow Nanosphere Technology to meet our goal to keep or ecosystem free of any harms and also to safeguard our beautiful home walls. The conventional method is maybe the reality of today but in long term it is the sustainable methods which are going to stay!